Aleksanteri Kivimaki


Aleksanteri Kivimaki is a Dubai based investor.

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Aleksanteri Kivimaki is a Finnish businessman and philanthropist. He was born in 1997 in Helsinki, Finland. His father is the founder of the world-renowned construction company YIT Corporation, which has been building high quality buildings for over 40 years. Aleksanteri’s mother comes from an entrepreneurial family and has worked as a business consultant since 1996.

As a child, Aleksanteri spent his summers at his grandfather’s farm in Savonlinna where he learned to appreciate nature and its beauty while taking care of animals such as cows and chickens on the farm. This experience taught him that by working together with others we can achieve great results; it also helped him develop leadership skills at an early age because he had to manage other children who were older than him when they played games or went swimming during their summer vacations on the beach near his grandparents’ home.

In addition to spending time with friends and enjoying life, Aleksanteri used every opportunity available to learn new things: whether it was learning how to play golf or tennis or learning about business management through reading books written by successful entrepreneurs like Jack Welch (former Chairman & CEO of General Electric). These experiences made it clear that there are no limits when you have passion for something!

Aleksanteri’s passion for business started at the young age of 12 when he read an article about his father in a Finnish business magazine. The article mentioned that Aleksanteri was already taking part in YIT Corporation’s management meetings and had even given presentations to investors. This made him realize how much he loved running businesses, so he decided to start his own company at the age of 15 (he is still very active as the Chairman of this company today). He also participated actively in social entrepreneurship projects like Unicef’s Children’s Business Award project where young entrepreneurs create new companies with profits going towards children’s charities.

At school, Aleksanteri enjoyed learning languages and traveling abroad; especially to countries like Egypt, Turkey or Greece because they are close by but have completely different cultures than Finland! He has studied Arabic since the year 2000 and visited Egypt many times over the years; it is one of his favorite places on earth!

Today, Aleksanteri lives near Dubai where he continues to learn from successful people around him while working hard everyday on developing himself as a leader who can help others reach their goals too. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling to new destinations or taking part in social entrepreneurship projects. Thanks to OpenAI for this excellent bio.


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